Position, in southern Asia; Thailand is known for great food, martial arts, beaches, islands, numerous resorts for tourists and many temples. People globally choose Thailand for Yoga though it is the most populous and vibrant urban location with certainly lots of attractions in it. Beautiful temples and a unique floating market grace the place.

Thailand is a place where you can escape from your hectic life, relax and rejuvenate with Yoga. Thailand is a great place for yoga, Yoga class in Thailand gives you a different experience of Yoga to increase the strength and flexibility of the body.

Our Yoga classes in Thailand is suitable for everyone.

"In Kundalini Yoga Ashram in Thailand, you will immediately feel the difference and in order to feel that difference, you first have to experience it with our Kundalini Yoga teacher training course in Thailand."

Learning Yoga here gives you tremendous potential which helps you in physical, mental and emotional change. Once you get the right knowledge for your body, you will start with the positive change. When you come to our Yoga studio you will receive a positive welcoming energy. These classes are all civilized clsses, which are suitable for all levels. There is a great way to start exploring the benefits of Yoga for beginners.