There comes a time in everyone’s life where you strongly feel the need for a break and a breakthrough. If this is what you are going through right now, then we assure you that you are on the right page. No, we are not going to encourage you to quit your job or even take a week’s leave or so.

All you need to prepare for is to make yourselves available evenings after work for a few hours of sessions with us, sessions that will change your life as you take you through a journey of finding for yourself a healthier and happier form of living through a set of exercises both for your body and mind.

So, are you willing to do what it takes? Then, come, join us today. And online registration is all you need to make and you are then a part of the family. We extend to you a warm welcome to the 200-hour online kundalini yoga teacher training course.

Yes, we call this an online kundalini yoga teacher training course because here, we don’t just teach you yoga but teach you how to teach yoga. So, this way, you finish your 200 hours and then be a source of inspiration to others.

You can now provide 200 hours online kundalini yoga teacher training to those around you to keep the cycle moving. Because here, we simply aim to make this world a healthier place by spreading the right way of living.

So, are you interested in a healthier way of living? Then, read on:

Health in Body, Health in Mind –

While we do a lot of exercises with one agenda in mind, that is to get physically fit and healthy, a lot of us fail to realize that this is important to your mind too. And this is more so in the century of today with its never-ending targets of corporate life.

So, take the time out to recharge and rewind as we teach you different asanas and breathing techniques here, that won’t just open up the blocks in your body but release your stress and make you relaxed too.

Safe and Reliable –

And the good news is here you don’t get healthy by punishing yourself with heavy dumbbells and an hour on the treadmill. With our asana and breathing sessions, we show you how to get fit the easy way and make taking care of your health a pleasure for you.

Overall Health Benefits  –

Kundalini as a form of exercise does not just work on a part of your body or two. It can show results in your spine, glands, entire endocrine system and so much more that no matter what physical ailment you suffer from, your 200 hour online kundalini yoga teacher training course with us could emerge as the answer.

Learning It Right –

And finally, all this is achievable only if you are doing it right. Yes, there could be a lot of glossy picture books out there that look inviting and make you feel like you can learn yoga in the comfort of your bedroom with a book placed on a stand in front of you.

But chances are that when there is no one to monitor you there is no one to explain your mistakes and let you relearn it till you get it right. That is where our expert trainers come into the picture.

Now, they know how to guide you in a way that makes you comfortable, even on a screen. So, at the end of the day, you still get to work out in the comfort of your bedroom, but put the book and the stand aside.

We hope you don’t mind having us with you on your screen?