100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

About Kundalini Yoga Ashram

Breathe the Purity; Experience the Tranquility and Live the Reality! Do you feel trapped in the monotony of a busy & hectic life? At Kundalini Yoga Ashram, we offer the Kundalini&Tantra Yoga courses and programs for beginners as well as experienced yogis. Our programs simply aim to offer you a holistic and relaxed lifestyle. Kundalini Yoga Ashram is a yoga school located in the beautiful & serene destinations of Rishikesh, Bali and Thailand. All the three destinations have their own quality and charm that will attract the people towards the location. Moreover, the atmosphere of the destinations is simply preferable for a perfect and wonderful yoga practice.

Rishikesh holds the root of spirituality! It has everything you need in a right practice of yoga & its aspects. The city provides you with a true yogic lifestyle. At Kundalini Yoga Ashram you will feel the benefit that being in Rishikesh provides as well as the comfort that our ashram offers. With the backdrop of the beautiful Himalayan mountains and Mother Ganga in front of you, you will feel completely at home and at peace.

The natural beauty and serene atmosphere of the city invites you to get completely immersed in the practice of Kundalini Yoga along with that of Tantra Yoga. We understand your desire of gaining the best of yoga and so started our yoga school in Rishikesh! Kundalini Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh is certainly a perfect place where you can gain the best of the best training. Join our 100 Hour Kundalini YTTC, 200 Hour Kundalini YTTC, 300 Hour Kundalini YTTC, 500 Hour Kunalini YTTC.

Why Choose us?

Although this may be a common question to arise while trying to choose a yoga school we feel that choosing to do a course at our Kundalini Yoga Ashram will simply be the best choice you will ever make and the greatest life experience of all time! The syllabus is well-crafted and covers all the important aspects of Kundalini Tantra Yoga.

Our yoga schools in the amazing destinations of Rishikesh, Bali and Thailand aim to offer the pure and authentic teachings of Yoga, especially of Kundalini Yoga with an amalgam of Tantra practice. We are different and so is our style of teaching! We have managed the schedule of each course or program in a way that you will not be bored but rather get to enjoy & explore while learning.

200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

The power of our yoga school is that our skilled teachers have years of working experience in this field and conduct their classes in a manner that students are able to easily understand and learn. Moreover, they create an environment where you feel comfortable and homely. The way our skilled teachers and gurus convey their knowledge to their students will surely be the part you will cherish the most. Enough of words! Now, come, experience and get the answer to your question, "Why Choose Kundalini Yoga Ashram"?

Satsang and Sadhna with Yogi Vishnu

Every morning and evening all Ashram guests are invited to attend Satsang with Yogi Vishnu. This is a part of spiritual practice which consists of meditation, japa, puja, kirtan (singing & dancing) and spiritual discourse with Yogi Vishnu. This is the most optimum way to start your day as you feel happy, content and alive after this practice. Upon waking up one is expected to take a bath before joining in the morning satsang. Doing some yoga exercises is also recommended. Silence before Satsang in the morning and evening needs to be maintained.

Ashram Routine

Time Everyday
4.00 am Wake up and morning prayer
5.00 – 6.00 am Silence Meditation
6.00 – 7.00 am Yoga Asana
7.15 – 8.15 am Satsang and Sadhna with Yogi Vishnu
8.15 – 9.15 am Pranayama and Detox
9.15 am Breakfast
10.00 – 12.00 pm Karma Yoga
12.00 – 1.00 pm Diaphragmatic breathing and Nadisodhanam
Time Everyday
1.00 – 2.00 pm Lunch
2.00 – 3.00 pm Digestive Breathing and rest
3.00 – 4.00 pm Karma yoga
4.00 – 5.00 pm Kundalini Yoga
5.00 – 6.00 pm Meditation
6.00 – 7.00 pm Dinner
7.30 – 8.30 pm Satsang and Discussions
9.30 pm Sleep

Ashram Rules & Discipline

Ashrams and Spiritual Centers are abodes of peace and shelter from the pressures of worldly life. They provide a safe space for personal development and the pursuit of spiritual ideals. People come from many walks of life and from every corner of the world to experience the profound spirituality of ancient India, and the centuries-old disciplines of yoga, vedanta and ayurveda. Maintaining a positive spiritual atmosphere requires the involvement and participation of all guests and staff. In this regard we request your co-operation in observing the following rules and guidelines.

Dress Code

Men and women must cover shoulders, midriff and legs. Tight fitting, transparent and revealing clothing are not permitted.Guests’ behavior and dress code should be respectful of the local culture and enhance the spiritual atmosphere. Observance of the dress code should be maintained at all times including during asana classes.

Prohibited Items

  • Smoking, alcohol, drugs, meat, fish, eggs, garlic and onions are not allowed.
  • The use of mobile phones is only permitted in designated areas outside of class times. 
  • Photography, video, audio recording during classes and ceremonies is only possible with the permission of the director. 
  • Pets are not allowed. 

Male-Female Relations

To respect the local culture and the monastic tradition, kindly restrain from expressions of affection such as hugging or kissing in public. Guests at our Ashram are advised to observe celibacy (brahmacharya) as part of the spiritual discipline. Male and female dormitories are separate. Men are not allowed in the ladies’ dormitory and vice versa.


Attendance at all Ashram activities is mandatory as part of the Ashram Yoga Vacation program. As a mark of respect for the teacher and as a practice of self- discipline, guests are required to be on time and to remain for the duration of each program. Asana classes are open to resident guests only. Students coming for the courses need to follow their own programs.

Free Day

Sunday is a free day in our Ashram. Guests are required to attend morning and evening Satsang. There are no lectures or coaching classes on the free day. The yoga asana classes and meals run as usual.


  • Guests are requested to observe silence during meals, before morning Satsang and after evening Satsang.
  • Lights out after 10:30 pm.

Personal Belongings

We do not accept responsibility for guests’ personal belongings.

Minimum Stay

An initial minimum payment for three night’s accommodation at our Ashram is required upon arrival and registration. This payment is non-refundable and non- transferable in the event of early departure.

Payments & Donations

Daily donation rates at our Ashram include classes, food and accommodation. Rates and donations are subject to change without notice. For all program’s guests are subject to the suggested donation in effect at the time of payment.

Harassment Policy

Specifically, no harassment, proposals or innuendos with a sexual connotation will be tolerated during any program or activity organized by the Ashram or Yoga Schools. Guests and students participating in such programs and activities are accordingly made aware of this policy and invited to apply it in their personal behavior during their stay. Any guest or student who thinks he/she may be the victim of unsolicited advances or any other form of sexual harassment is asked to notify the Ashram director or School manager immediately in order for corrective action to be undertaken without delay. Complaints made to our Ashram or School director/manager will be treated confidentially and the alleged violator or any third party will not be advised of the complainant’s identity without the latter’s consent.

Our Team

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi | Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi

Pranayama Yoga Teacher

Yogi Rohit Kumar | Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yogi Rohit Kumar

Kundalini Theory and Practice Teacher

Yogi Devesh | Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yogi Devesh

Asana Alignment

Yogi Bhavesh | Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yogi Bhavesh

Meditation and philosophy

Yogini Prajna | Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yogini Prajna

Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher

Yogi Himanshu |Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yogi Himanshu

Anatomy Teacher

Yogi Parveen | Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yogi Parveen


Swami Kalyan | Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Swami Kalyan


Student Stories

Kundalini Yoga Ashram is one of the best place to get Yoga teacher Training in Rishikesh.The teachers, accommodation are very good and the founder, Guru Ji is very peaceful.I highly recommend this place.

Nicole Hnin

I recently completed 200 hours of Kundalini and 300 hours of Holistic training at Kundalini Yoga Ashram. The teachers were amazing, my life is forever changed. The food was really good too. My favorite part is that this is an authentic ashram, a lot of the other ones are more touristy. The Guru and his family live on site, so its kind of like doing a homestay. It's really special. I cannot wait to return!

Kat Fleming

I stayed at Kundalini Yoga Ashram as a volunteer and it was just AWESOME!!! I had such a great time with the most lovely people! Best food, best acommendation, best teachers! The staff is amazing and helpful and they do their best for u to have an incredible time. I can highly recommend to be part of this family. Love, Christian

Christian Mi

What an amazing place. A beautiful location and really really really competent and engaging teachers. Lovely food, friendly staff and a really amazing experience. I learnt so much in such a short space of time. The course was pretty intensive but I like things like that. I haven't felt this fit, healthy or happy in a really long time and I'm so glad I came. I did 200 hours kundalini yoga teacher training and will be back to do more. Would have stayed if my visa wasn't running out, for sure. Thank you

Alice Anderson

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