Who Is Guru Vishnu?

Who Am I, I am not this physical body or mind. I am merely a servant of humanity, a servant of my students.

My Guru parampara, guides me on this spiritual journey through the physical complexities of life and reality. The lineage and traditional teachings are alive within me, my gurus live in my heart and this is my gift to them, my gift to humanity, to spread their teachings of yoga and spirituality, to transform one being so that they can become their most authentic self.

My life itself is a message, I am human, I make mistakes, these mistakes are the stepping stones for me to continue my journey as they teach me the greatest of lessons’ - Yogi Vishnu

A spinner of joy, a farmer of wisdom, and support for those who need guidance - a ray of light that the world needs as he showers his grace with no bias, for you to learn and feel you only need to be receptive.

Experiences Of Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi

My experiences enriched and deepened my spiritual journey, These experiences taught me several things in life in the face of adversity.

My spiritual journey has bought bhakti and devotion in my life, it has made me realize that God resides within me and this interconnectedness with the divine is what guides me through life. My life challenges opened my mind to see the beauty of within and the beauty externally. My most profound experience was when I realized that I had a congenital heart defect, and if I didn’t seek treatment I would die, I came from extremely humble beginnings and we had no money for the operation or treatment. My body would literally shake due to the defect.  Where would I end up, how do I not die? What is the purpose of my life – all these questions would spin in my mind, who would help me? there was no one here on this earth at that point in time to help me survive or live. This is where bhakti and my devotion to God came into my heart, I had to have blind faith in the universe, in the god that I would live, Miraculously, I stumbled upon a hospital that agreed to treat me. In India, at the time of my operation, there was no guarantee of success. As I went under anesthesia, not knowing if I would wake, it was here that I truly connected to my heart and the divine within and the power of prayer, meant that when I opened my eyes I was born again, an opportunity to serve humanity and guide on people on the spiritual path(Hosptial of operation- Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Science)

I promised at this point I would spread the word of bhakti and devotion. That I would spend my life for devotion and spreading spirituality challenges and adversity are a part of life, however how we overcome, can make all the difference, every challenge strengths our will, life is never about the position we have in life, but that we see our self as we really are and take our soul journey.

33 Years Of Teaching & Learning





Masters In Yoga & Sanskrit

Guruji's Journey, Spritual Encounter & Timeline

Where The Journey Began

Even before he came to the physical world - Yogi Vishnu was steeped in spiritual endeavors- his mother being the vessel to bring to the world through deep prayer & devotion a spiritual devotee.

Growing up he followed the advice of his grandfather and meditated for salvation and moksha not the rituals or prayers for worldly materials. Vishnu would frequently serve the wandering Sadhu’s, many of which come from the special sect of knowledge bearing Hatha- yogis - ‘Kum- phatia baba’s’ and their presence in Vishnu’s life left a lasting impression.

1st Spiritual Encounter

Vishnu gave his time to support the ill and needy at a nearby hospital.  An old man who was neglected and had severe issues crossed Vishnu’s path. This was his first test - Vishnu cared for the old man over the coming days, and as a result, Vishnu was blessed by this soul.  Many thought Vishnu had become a servant and mocked him for caring for this man, Vishnu from a Brahmin caste was not meant to mix with those from lower castes, However, his inner strength remained true and he did not relent against the caste system in his village.

After this blessing, the old man vanished and no one remembered or could say he had been there  it was almost as though God himself had come to test Vishnu’s devotion

2nd Spiritual Encounter

The Yogi gave Vishnu shelter and provided a cave for him to mediate in - whilst in mediation, Vishnu saw a cobra - as he closed his eyes and composed his mind - his inner being spoke

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  • Age 15- a member of Muni same - a school of meditation and yoga (founded b a saint devoted to long periods of silence)
  • Age 18 A- meeting with Vedanta Keshari Swami Niranjanji ‘Lion of Vedanta’ Vishnu studied for 2 years whilst at the same time acquiring a BA degree in Arts at Jyoti Vihar University.
  • Age 20 - Vishnu took his path of devotion cultivating universal love and sankirtan - Through the Bhakti tradition and his days and nights passed in prayers and mantra recitations following the Chaitanya Mahaprabhu tradition from the 15th Century.
  • His greatest challenge- Vishnu was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and needed open surgery. With no money or support, he set off for treatment - keeping God and his resolve in his heart.
  • 12th August 1994 - he was given surgery with no one to support him or beside him whilst he underwent this life-threatening surgery. 3 days later on 15th August India’s independence day - Vishnu rose and as a result, made Sankalpa serve humanity during his life.

After this Vishnu went through the physical world duties of organizing camps, spiritual programs, and Satsang in and around his village- serving mostly the poor and underprivileged. He cultivated land and agriculture eventually losing it all to flooding - however, this was the blessing that would bring Vishnu to Rishikesh. 


On his arrival to the Himalayas, Vishnu crossed paths with a sadhu - who would prepare him for his time with Swami Rama.

To take the path of the traditional Himalayan Yoga he was scolded, and told not to be fearful - and was told to throw all his belongings to Ganga - to part with all the worldly belongings is when you get the real God told the Sadhu

I have come to release your fear, not increase your fear’

The time came for Vishnu to leave the Yogi and go under the guidance of Swami Veda Bharti at his Gurukulam

In these 9 years - Vishnu obtained an MA in Sanskrit and MA in Yoga- whilst teaching and guiding students in the Swami Rame Institute Of Meditation.

He was blessed to have taught from other masters such as Swami Hari( Master teacher), Shri Mauni Babaji (currently in silence for 25 years)  Swami Shankarandana Ji (Kriya Yoga Master), and Swami Anand Res (Founder Viswa Shanti Mission)

Yogi Vishnu's Mission & Practices

Mission Of Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi

As a spiritual teacher, my aim is to assist students in developing their full potential and overcoming limiting behavior and thought patterns so that they can live fulfilled and happy life and spread the knowledge of yoga - either for students to teach or to develop their own practice for spirituality.

Influenced by his lineage and Guru teachings -  Yogi Vishnu wants to bring a sense of empowerment to individuals through his teachings - honoring all beings that have influenced him deeply on his journey it is important to him to ensure that he shares, upholds, and celebrates the true, authentic, diverse teachings of Yoga & Spirituality.

My soul's purpose is to serve humanity,  give my life for charity, spreading the love and knowledge of yoga to create harmony and peace amongst each other and the world. I work relentlessly to bring this to life in the modern chaotic world, imparting my knowledge to support the cause of faith, love, and spirituality to create a kinder more peaceful world.

The founder of World Peace Yoga School and Kundalini Yoga Ashram - I continue to impart and guide both his world-class teachers and students who come to expand their knowledge

His Teachings & Practices

My teaching is from my Guru lineage, where I spent 9 years in my Guru’s ashram (Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama), learning and practicing the teachings of the Himalayan masters. My teaching and practice are traditional as the spiritual path has always been passed from Guru to disciple.

My life is dedicated to teaching the traditional form of Kundalini Yoga- which was passed down from my master in the traditional form. I teach philosophy and how the Veda’s and scriptures fit into daily life, what they mean and why they are important even in today’s era.

My practices are designed to open and connect the mind, body, and breath and for my students to truly live life 100% for them to take the path of spirituality and make this a daily focus in their life. To live life with integrity, to be true to themselves, to give 100% to anything they chose to do in life. Mediation is my passion and my key teaching, taking the mind to nothingness, opening this portal to the limitless opportunities, the connection to consciousness. Being ONE with the universe, following the needs of the soul. 

A Day In The Life / Lifestyle

My days start very early in the morning, the say the early bird catches the worm. The spiritual path enhances the mind, body, and soul

3:30 AM –  4:00 AM wakes up time – ‘Brahma Muhurta – the time of GOD, when the world sleeps, the universe beats. Taking a moment to still, watching the breath, waking the mind, the body. I drink a liter of water to start cleaning the internal toxins built through the night.

5:30AM – Sadhana teachings/class – 1 hour

6:30 AM – I practice again until 8;30am

Then my day starts: Around 8:30 pm, I take a simple breakfast of nuts and fruits to energize the body – I run the Ashram and World Peace Yoga School, ensuring that all students and staff are happy and content. This alongside my teachings of sadhana, meditation, philosophy,  the visitors to the ashram take the bulk of my day, In the evening I practice my dhyana again to reground and re-center. My diet is very simple, I nourish my soul, with clean food, all vegetarianism,  dosha, and energy balancing.

His understanding on life

Life is what you make it, to live fully, to practice and teach spirituality.

Let it pass, be in balance. Sit in the serenity come what may, without challenges and adversity how do we know the beauty and meaning of life? Duality is in everything without one we cannot understand the other.

Live life with awareness, fully, taking and following the soul’s calling. When you awake, you wake up not in the boy but in the soul, it will awaken to who you truly are, to your mission in this world and the values that govern.

What is kundalini for Guru Vishnu

Growing up I was never aware of Kundalini or the form of yoga as it was only passed from Guru to the disciple, I only came to understand when through the blessing of my Guru and divinity I experienced the Kundalini Awakening.

Some think that Kundalini is about being crazy, vibration in the body, and strange, random movements – however to me Kundalini is the state of stillness, silence, awareness, energy, balance. I don’t believe in the craziness in the Kundalini and my teachings follow my master’s teachings – the true traditional Kundalini his master  & Guru’s have written books on this topic ‘Sadhana- the path to enlightenment  & ‘Kundalini Stilled or Stirred’

When a Sadhaka awakens and kundalini rises they go into stillness & expand their potential – it is the inner transformation and evolution. – from the earthly lower chakra Shakti – moves and clears each chakra and energy center as she moves to master each center:

Muladhara – strengthen our root, Svadhistana, become creative and open, Manipura- build the fire to push upwards to Anhatata and feel the love the bhakti, we awaken the bhakti In the heart – pushing into the Vishuddha – to expansion – expansion equals space and awakening of the third eye our Ajna finally to the ultimate balance  Sahasrara- of becoming one – Shiva and Shakti.. of transformation and consciousness.

Student Stories

I did my 500hr Kundalini training here and had a wonderful experience! The ashram felt like a second home to me and I'm so thankful to have gained this spiritual family! The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, the food is delicious and the ashram is in one of the best spots in Rishikesh! Already making plans to come back

Amber Ruff

Amber Ruff

Kundalini yoga ashram is like home. Everything you need is here and only steps away from the beautiful Ganga river. All of the teachers are very knowledgeable. I recommend to anyone who wants to experience the true yoga in India to come here and study.

Gina B

Gina B

Positive: Professionalism, Quality I had an amazing month at the Kundalini Yoga Ashram, surrounded by beautiful people and learning from knowledgeable and trustworthy teachers/gurus. You will receive knowledge about practices that you can never get by self-study only. The schedule and kundalini practices (for the kundalini yoga teacher training) were intense and demanding full devotion. But on the other hand we also had a lot of fun, celebrating birthdays, Christmas, going for Sunday trips. Like one big kundalini yoga family I warmly recommend to visit this Ashram.

Nastja Kastelic

Nastja Kastelic

Excellent course of Kundalini Yoga 200hrs. TTC, Guru Vishnuji's teaching of Yoga Philosophy was too good it connects you with devine , all teachers are amazing they make it very easy anyone and at any age you can perform Yoga with an ease staff is very humble, food is also good one must experience this

Poonam Soni

Poonam Soni

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