As you start Kundalini Yoga classes, you start realizing that there is not just one or two bodies within the human body. There is a whole 10 body system. As you practice and perfect your Kundalini yoga kriyas, it leads to the strengthening and refinement of the focal points. To be exact, there is one physical body, six Pranic bodies, and three mental bodies. If you refine these bodies, your acceptance and judgment of others, with others, and through others multiply. This system is very similar to the layers of clothing. Join the Kundalini Yoga TTC In India to get a detailed overview of the realm.

Knowledge Of The Ten Bodies

The 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India may be your first step towards the realm. It needs to be mentioned, that Kundalini Yoga is a bit different from all other yoga forms. While Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga are more physical in form, Kundalini Yoga is more spiritual. It touches upon certain areas of the mind and spirit, which you never knew existed. As a part of the course, you will learn about the ten bodies, that comprise every human on earth. They are-

  • Soul Body – The knowledge of the first body, is absolutely essential. It is that aspect of our existence that never dies. It shows the true essence of your spirit. It is the body, that helps you to hold on to your true values and always makes you remember, why you are on this planet.
  • Negative Mind Body – This is that part of the mind, that acts as a danger scanner. It what keeps all alive. You can also call it the protective mind. It will help you to take the right direction, even if people call you negative minded for it.
  • Positive Mind – It acts complementary to the negative mind. The positive mind scans the situation and gives suggestions. The positive mind is tasked with archiving experiences and thoughts as well. You will be able to use them later. Through Kundalini kriyas and practice, you can train the negative mind to attain positivity.
  • Neutral Mind – You can reach this mind, only through meditation. The neutral mind mainly tells us that, we do not need to obsess over things. It is the place, where many different feelings and reactions exist. And, they may not be necessarily negative or positive.
  • Physical Body – It is the body, which people identify with. It is the true living form, that is moving around. It is the teacher, according to the Tantric numerology. And, it stands in the mid-point at Number 5. You can access a large part of your power at this place.
  • The Arcline – You can compare the arcline, with the filaments of a bulb. They actually illuminate us. It is basically associated with the master Pituitary gland. And it extends from one ear to the other. It also regulates the endocrine and nervous systems.
  • Aura Body – It is of prime importance in the Kundalini Yoga studies. It is actually the fifth body, and it acts like an electromagnetic field. It contains the channels for the movement of Prana.
  • Pranic Body – It is the glow, that you see or feel for some people. It allows for that spark of consciousness. When you practice Kundalini Yoga or breathing practices, you can make an impact on the Pranic body.
  • Subtle Body – It is ninth in succession and you cannot see or feel it, under normal circumstances. It can establish contact with the cosmic realm. You will be able to appreciate the infinite, if you can recognize it. If you are in touch with this part of the system, you can see life’s vivid offerings in a different colour.
  • Radiant Body – This is the last one of the 10 bodies, that make up every human being. It acts like a magnet. If this body is strong, you are well-aligned to your goals. If you want to project more attractiveness and magnetism, then you need to strengthen this body.

Every human is a combination of these ten bodies. So, the physical form, which you see, is actually the eleventh one. If the ten bodies are properly balanced, you can enter the state of the eleventh body.

Kriyas To Awaken The Bodies

When you start the 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will get a proper introduction of the realm, which you are going to enter. These kriyas that you learn as a part of the training, can awaken all the bodies.

  • The Stretching Pose – It is one of the most important poses, that you can lay your hands on. In this pose, you need to lie down on your back. The arms will be by your side. You have to raise both the legs and the head a little upwards, from the ground. The same applies to the hands, with the palms facing one another. It will help you to harness some energy from around the hip and navel region. You need to keep your eyes focussed on the feet. The breathing pattern that you need to utilize at this point in time, is the Breath of Fire.
  • Ego Eradicator – You can start this pose in the easy pose. Sit in the easy pose, and gently start raising the hands, to about 60 degrees. Curl the fingers, so that the tips touch the pads. The thumbs will be extended skywards. You have to close your eyes and concentrate on your Third eye. Practice the breath of fire.
  • Spine Twists – This is another important pose in Kundalini yoga, that you need to practice and master. As a part of the Kundalini Yoga TTC In India, you will learn this in complete detail, with all sorts of hands-on adjustments. You have to start by sitting on the heels, and grasping your shoulders, with both hands. The elbows will be higher up and parallel to the floor. Inhale and twist to the left side and then exhale and twist to the opposite.

These are amongst the best and easiest practices, that your teacher will teach you at the best yoga school in India. Awaken your Kundalini and experience the power within.