The main problem with the generation today, is work pressure and deadlines. It can lead to immense stress today. And, stress leads to cardiovascular ailments. When you are stressed, the sympathetic nervous system responds by reacting back. It often leads to mental stress. However, not all stress is that bad. You can be motivated, if you have stress. But bad stress is very detrimental for the body and mind.

If you suffer from chronic stress, it can lead to various ailments. You will experience reduced immune functioning, heart ailments, anxiety, and depressive symptoms as well. If you want to combat stress, then you have to make yoga your friend. The Kundalini YTTC in India is one of the best courses, if you are of spiritual bent of mind, and want to give your mind some calm demeanor and relaxation.

What Is The 200 Hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India?

Most people are of the idea, that yoga is all about inversions, twists, and splits. But yoga is not just about physical movements. When you join the yoga course, you will get to know, about the true meaning of yoga. Kundalini Yoga Ashram focuses on yoga forms like Hatha Yoga and the Kundalini style of yoga. You will also learn about meditation, pranayama techniques, and various Kriyas. Tantra practices will also be a part of the course. You will also learn about Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy and Yoga Physiology. It is important to develop a solid base in the realm, to get the best benefits from the course. As a part of the course, you will also learn about various asanas, through which you can get rid of stress.

Tantra practices and Kundalini Awakening is also a part of the course. You will learn how to wake up the dormant snake, which lies at the base of the spine. When you awaken the snake, it moves ahead upward, through the chakras. If there is a blockage in the chakras, you will be not be able to gain the benefits associated with the awakening. Instead, you will face various issues, like headaches and emotional outbursts. The symptoms can be different for different people. Asanas will prepare the body beforehand, by unblocking chakras. The asanas and kriyas can be used for getting rid of stress and anxiety as well. The serpent can remove blockages from your nadis and refresh you with good prana.

Yoga For Stress Management

As a part of the Kundalini YTTC in India, you will also be able to learn about various asanas or poses, which will help you to get rid of stress and anxiety. There are poses for every ailment in yoga.


It is one of the first asanas that you can try out. Poses like the Sukhasana, that are close to the ground are the best for grounding. The hand movements that are associated with the pose, will help in connecting to Mother Earth and also maintain peace. Moreover, you will get several benefits from the asana, like opening of the groin, and the hip muscles. It is a simple cross-legged pose or asana, in which the knees are stacked above the ankles. You have to maintain an elongated spine, while sitting straight. Close your eye lids and count ten full breaths. You can place one hand on the heart, and the other one on your belly. This is one of the primary asanas that you will learn in the 200 Hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India.


It is yet another asana, which will give you complete relaxation and also relieve you of stress. It is beneficial for the lymphatic system and the nervous system as well. Your ankles, hips, and thighs also get a deep stretch with this asana. You can start, by sitting in Vajrasana, and then slowly raise the hands above the head together and then fold the body forward, to touch the forehead on the floor. The hands simultaneously go down, with palms down. You have to be comfortable in this manner. Press the chest to the knees. Breathe deeply and hold the asana for a longer duration, for the best effects.


It is one of the simplest forward-bending asanas, which anyone can practice. It will stretch your back, spine, and also the hamstrings. You will be able to feel relaxed and stress-free after you do the asana. Moreover, you will also feel that the digestive ailments have been solved. This asana also helps to reduce the symptoms for menopause. Hold the pose for 30 seconds at least, to get the best benefits. In this asana, you need to sit straight and legs stretched ahead of you. Raise the hands above the head and then take them towards the toes. You have to fold the body from the hips, forward. The forehead should touch the knees. The pose has to be held for 30 seconds at least. Imagine that your spine is getting elongated. You will be able to get the best benefits like stress release and anxiety release from the asana.

Yoga Nidra

If you are looking for very deep relaxation, then this will help you.  You literally have to slow down a bit, after you have performed the other asanas. Yoga Nidra is all about conscious sleeping. You will be travelling between consciousness to unconsciousness and back. When you meditate, you also relax. However, in the meditative state, you go to the theta state. If you want complete relaxation, then you must go to the delta state. It the complete state of relaxation and the deepest one at that. It is a deep healing state. The practice affects the entire nervous system, positively. In relaxed state, more Melatonin is secreted. So, you will experience deeper sleep and rejuvenation. Your heart rate also becomes normal. It us useful in both the cognitive and physiological symptoms of anxiety.

These are a few of the kriyas and practices, in the realm of Kundalini Yoga, which you can practice to get rid of anxiety and stress. Yoga Nidra is also one of the best ways to induce conscious sleep, for greater benefits. Learn about all these and more in the 200 Hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India.