Many people suffer due to Cervical spondylosis or cervical osteoarthritis, which is a severe physical condition. It is mainly caused by the wear and tear of the bones and cartilage in the neck area. Scientifically, you can call it the cervical vertebra. With age, there is rapid degeneration of the bones and cartilage, which can cause inflammation of the area. Thus, you may also experience pain, on a day-to-day basis. The Best Kundalini Yoga School in India will help you with the right yoga exercises, that have a huge effect on the cervical or neck area.

Not only old people, but young people can also fall prey to this disease. It mainly occurs due to lifestyle choices and a stationery lifestyle. Those who work on computers, may suffer from the ailment, more than others, who lead an active lifestyle. Sitting in an uncomfortable position all day long, can lead to further degradation of the cervical bones and cartilage. Before, you start practicing the various yoga poses, or exercises, you must learn to identify the symptoms.

Symptoms of Cervical Degeneration

If you feel a chronic pain in the neck, or pain in the shoulder blades, then you may be suffering from the degenerative condition. A stiff neck may also be a sign, that you are moving towards diseases of the cervical bone and cartilage. Headache at the back of the head, may also be a sign that you are suffering from cervical degeneration. When you feel a grinding motion, on moving your neck, it can also show that you might be suffering from such problems. You may also feel numbness in the shoulders, arms, and the hands. Additionally, you may have trouble controlling your bowels and bladder.

You can enrol in yoga sessions at the Best Yoga School in India, where you will learn about the exercises that treat cervical and neck pain.

Cervical and Neck Pain Yoga Exercises

  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

You can practice the Bhujangasana, which is a shoulder opener pose, to be exact. Here, you have to lie down flat on your stomach, and then fold your hands at the elbows, and push the torsi up, with your palms down on both sides of the shoulders. Your belly button should be touching the floor. Tilt your head upwards and look up. Hold the pose for 1-3 minutes initially. This is how the cobra looks, and you are actually emulating the same pose. It is a great exercise for the cervical bone and neck.

  • Ardha Matsyendrasana (Sitting Half-Spinal Twist)

It is basically a deep, restorative twisting pose. In this pose, the entire torso has to be twisted, which in turn improves the spinal mobility. You can begin the pose, in seated Sukhasana. You have to place your left leg on top of your folded right leg. The left leg has to be positioned, in a manner that the knee is perpendicular from the floor. Now, place the left hand on the floor for support. And, then take the right hand and touch the right knee, while keeping it straight and aligned to the left foreleg. If you have neck pain, you will definitely get relief, if you practice this asana on a daily basis.

  • Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

It is one of the easiest back-bending asanas that you can do. The pose opens your shoulders from the front side of the body. It also relieves tightness, and also reduces slouching. You can strengthen your spine and hamstrings through this yogic pose. The practitioner generally lies on the floor, with the stomach touching it. In the process, you have to grab your ankles with your hands, and bend the body backwards, or lift it from the ground. The body basically resembles an archer’s bow. This is a very useful pose that can help to alleviate your cervical or neck pain.

Neck Pain Exercises at The Best Yoga School in India

You can ease the tension in your neck, through neck rotation exercises. It will help you to increase the range of motion. Apart from that, you can also practice shoulder rolls. Side bends are also quite beneficial, if you are suffering from a stiff neck.

Apart from doing the above yoga poses and neck exercises, you must ensure to maintain a good posture, while sitting at your workstation, or while walking. This will give you long-term relief and is preventative at its best. You will learn all the above and more at the Best Yoga School in India.