Meditation and its after-effects have gained favour worldwide. It has scientifically proven benefits too. The process involves focusing on the mind, relaxing it, and redirecting your thoughts. You will come across a variety of meditation processes. They are Mindfulness meditation, Spiritual meditation, Yoga Meditation, and Mantra Meditation. Choose one that suits you. Human beings often practice things, without an afterthought. But life becomes meaningless after some time. If you want to learn to be aware and conscious, then practice meditation. Make Kundalini Yoga School the pathway to heighten this primal energy.

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation dates back to 500BC. Its means snake. The people of ancient origin believe, that this divine snake resides at the base of our spine. And, meditation is the only way to awaken this energy. It is a part of Kundalini Yoga. It aims at moving energy through the body. Yogis believe, that the unused energy needs to travel through the chakras and release through the crown chakra on the head. Meditation Yoga helps one to establish a new rhythm of life. It creates a process of communication. Thereby, one can resolve many mental, physical, and spiritual issues.

Meditation Yoga TTC I Rishikesh

Benefits of Meditation For Old Age Group

Students from various walks of life take part in the courses run by the Kundalini Yoga School, in Rishikesh. Meditation has the power to transform lives. So, you should practice this form of rejuvenation in old age.

  • Kundalini Meditation strengthens the nervous system. In old age, the body loses a lot of functional capabilities. However, yogic practice and meditation can help to tone the muscles. If you have faced any kind of trauma or injury due to old age, practice meditation.

  • Brainpower also decreases with time and age. Kundalini meditation helps to clear the fog inside the mind. If you are unable to untangle your thoughts, then Meditation Yoga might be best for you. Thus, it can strengthen the nerves, and make you feel alert.

  • Chronic pain is a disease affecting individuals in old age. With age, the joints become weak, and lose their flexibility. About 90 percent of individuals feel pain in their joints as age progresses. However, the physical perception of pain is related to the mind. If the mind is under control, it can alleviate the pain. Kundalini meditation is a great way to control this pain.

  • Meditation also has the power to lower the chances of memory loss. It lowers the signs to a huge extent. It can decrease progressive illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease. The power of mediation helps to harness the power of the mind, and helps to recall information in old age. Almost 40% of the world’s old age population has benefitted from meditation.

  • In old age, many people start suffering from insomnia. Meditation that uses repetitive sounds can be used to relax the mind. It is a technique that promotes healthy sleeping habits. Insomnia, fatigue, and depression also reduce the after-effects of meditation.


Today, meditation has occupied primary position in the wellness sector. You can be a part of it. Many organizations have wellness programs for the seniors. So, make meditation part of your lives. Meditation embraces all, in every sphere of life. Connect with the best Gurus at the Yoga Capital of the World. Head to your meditational retreat at Kundalini Yoga Ashram.