The number of white blood cells in your body increases by doing Yoga regularly. When your body’s immune system becomes robust, then no virus or germ can infect you. The immune system, fighting the diseases in your body, ends it automatically. In this way, you can increase the immunity system against the Covid-19 3rd wave.

Along with this, one can avoid blood pressure, tension, diabetes, heart disease, etc., through five asanas. Coronavirus infections are primarily a threat to those people who suffer from the conditions mentioned above. It does not take long to do these asanas.

Healthy Changes in Your Lifestyle Can Boost Your Immunity

You can boost your immune system by simply making some healthy changes in your lifestyle. For example, if you are a chain smoker, you can plan on stopping or reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke. Besides, you can start working out or indulge yourself in regular running or swimming early in the morning. This not only keeps your body strong and flexible but also ensures that your organs are functioning correctly, especially your lungs. 

According to studies, many people believe that the air you breathe early in the morning is much fresher than the rest of the day. Doctors and other health experts are advising people to wake up early in the morning and exercise. Apart from these, it would be best if you also check the quantity of alcohol you consume. This is because alcohol consumption affects your body in several ways. For example, apart from affecting your liver directly, it also increases the cholesterol level in one’s body, thus increasing the chance of a heart attack. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet

The most important part of your diet is breakfast. Your breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day and should contain lots of protein. Besides, it would be best if you planned your diet to consume abundant nutrients (both macro and micronutrients). According to studies, deficiency of micronutrients weakens the immunity system of the body to a great extent. Furthermore, consuming more amounts of protein can increase the immunity system against the covid-19 3rd wave.

It is best to have pure and fresh food. It is okay to avoid meat if you have to. You can take soy as an alternative. There is nothing better than veggies in the Indian food culture. You can have foods rich in Vitamin C like lemon, orange, Amla, etc.

As you already know, the human body consists of 80% water and 20% other nutrients. So, it is evident that you need to drink a lot of water throughout the day. Moreover, during the summers, you need to drink even more water. This is because the body loses too much water in the form of sweat. 


Apart from these natural remedies to boost your immunity, several health supplements are available on the market, which promises to strengthen your body’s immunity system. However, these supplements do not guarantee to boost your immune power or fight viruses like the coronavirus. So, it is better that you put your efforts into healthily changing your lifestyle and not rely upon these health supplements.